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The Stephen King Boo! Club

Jun 26, 2019

Here's part two of the full interview from our friend Soren Narnia of Knifepoint Horror. 

Jun 19, 2019

Oh boy. I don't even know what to write for the description for this one. It's a two-beer night as we navigate our new segment (Full Dark, No Structure), sea monsters, and racism. Thanks again to Soren Narnia for part two of his Call from Beyond! 

Jun 11, 2019

Join Stephen as he interviews Soren Narnia, the artist responsible for the podcast Knifepoint horror as well as several novels, including Those Snowy Nights You Read To Me, They'll Never Be Forgotten. They chat about writing, spooky stuff, and life. This interview is a big one, so we are releasing it in two parts....

Jun 5, 2019

God pounds his nails! Join Phoenix and Stephen for a breakdown of part one of Stephen King and Peter Straub's collaboration fantasy piece, The Talisman. Thanks to our Calls from Beyond guest Soren Narnia, author and writer for the podcast Knifepoint Horror.