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The Stephen King Boo! Club

Sep 30, 2020

And like that, we're through one of Stephen King's iconic short story collections! This week we're tackling the titular Everything's Eventual, as well as the Dark Tower novella, The Little Sisters of Eluria. We are reving into Dark Tower mode here at the Boo! Club, so strap up and get yourself some boots with spurs~

Sep 23, 2020

It is FINALLY time to talk about a short story and movie adaptation paring so iconic that it changed the world of cinema forever - that's right, 1408! This is one that both Stephen and Phoenix hold near and dear to their hearts. Come for the trivia, stay forever! It's only just begun!

Sep 16, 2020

It's episode McFrickin Fifty! This week we're tackling a grab-bag of stories from Everything's Eventual, rounding out the collection. Phoenix talks hell (it's other people). Stephen talks nightmares (it's Catholic Guilt). Neither can pronounce Satre.

Sep 9, 2020

This week we're doing a reading of Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1835 Satanic classic, Young Goodman Brown! Y.G.B. is as American a short story as they come - which means there is some racism, sexism, and general Puritan hinkey business in this story, but it remains a certified banger.

Sep 2, 2020

It has been a hot minute since we got to read a short story collection! This episode we are discussing the first block of stories in Everything's Eventual, written by Stephen King throughout the 1990s and early 2000s! Tune in for Bible stuff, Gay stuff, American Dream stuff, and (of course) lots and lots of Horror...