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The Stephen King Boo! Club

Sep 25, 2019

In this chilling end to our month of IT, Stephen and Phoenix chew on the chewiest bits of the novel and spit out the distasteful parts. We get into magic, critical views, and the Meaning of Creation. Hail Chud, y'all!

Sep 18, 2019

In this special extended edition of Which One Do I Shoot, Phoenix and Stephen discuss the most recent adaptation of It, IT: Chapter Two directed by Andrés Muschietti! Stephen goes off the deep end (again), Phoenix talks (me) faderhood, and we all float (more or less). 

Sep 11, 2019

The moment we've all been waiting for is here. IT-tember has begun! Let's get really scary, realy Maine, and really Pennywise in Part 1 of Stephen King's "IT." In this episode, Stephen and Phoenix clown around and answer some questions about why IT is so iconic. Be on the lookout for IT part 2 and our bonus episode on...

Sep 4, 2019

This week, the boys finish out their crossover discussion with the Drinkomancy podcast on Rose Madder! We pick up right about where we left off last episode - refer back to Rose Madder Part 1 for a DETAILED plot synopsis. Stephen and Michelle get to it. Phoenix and Tori request a fart joke. Thanks again to...