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The Stephen King Boo! Club

Feb 28, 2020

Hi family, 

If you haven't heard, Phoenix got to interview the folks behind the INCREDIBLE Old Gods of Appalachia, and it got all sorts of wild. Even if you haven't listened to their podcast yet (which you should!) this is an amazing interview about creative processes, Appalachian culture, and artistic integrity. We...

Feb 26, 2020

Brew some fresh coffee and reach a higher plane of consciousness, because this week we're kicking off the first two parts of Stephen King's Insomnia, published in 1994! Stephen brings back an old-but-gold segment while Phoenix introduces a brand-spanking-new one. Classical myth nerds, this one's for you! 

Feb 19, 2020

After a long hiatus, we are back at it with the Calls from Beyond! This week Phoenix is interviewing recognized Stephen King expert and fellow mega-fan, Michael Blouin about his upcoming book about Uncle Steve's writing about American Politics. It's a fascinating perspective from an articulate academic, so take...

Feb 12, 2020

Phoenix and his finely-tuned ear for all things Maine takes us on a wild journey through the Mainest dang book we've read so far: Dolores Claiborne. Stephen learns about cowbins. Phoenix channels his ancestors. 

Feb 5, 2020

Uncover your wells and confess to murder, because this week we're covering Dolores Claiborne! Yes, it's time to tackle the sister-book to Gerald's Game and all the wonderfully complex literary jazz that goes with it. Stephen goes to The Opera. Phoenix gets Biblical.